Data Integration


eGovt Solutions data migration services goes well beyond basic data movement, taking the risk out of your DM initiative and helping you meet the demands for new information in a timely fashion.

In this information age, more and more users are demanding timely and accurate access to new information. Implementation of CRM systems, data warehouses and new operational systems have resulted in a flood of data migration and conversion requests that your organization may not be sufficiently staffed to deliver.

Now there's no reason to say no to end-user demands for new information. For a fraction of the anticipated cost, eGovt Solutions can help with one-time data conversions as well as with ongoing data migration efforts. This includes data analysis, data mapping, data transformation, data cleansing and data auditing.

10 Ways to Ensure Successful Data Migration and Integration

  1. Secure access to source data subject matter experts
  2. Expedite the source data analysis by utilizing a data profiling tool
  3. Utilize an ETL tool for all data migration processes
  4. Supplement your team with seasoned data migration experts
  5. Build cross-reference tables between source and target system identifiers
  6. Secure access to business users and target application experts
  7. Test the target application on the migrated data, verifying all the application functionality
  8. Run the legacy and the target applications in parallel for a period of time, and compare key measures and standard reports
  9. Audit source vs. target data, identifying any data discrepancies or data migration issues
  10. Present the data audit results to IT management and business users, thus providing them confidence that their data was migrated accurately

Through a proven data migration design philosophy, eGovt Solutions consultants have successfully architected and implemented numerous complex data migration and data integration projects, experiencing first hand legacy data intricacies and the complexity surrounding data cleansing, data migration and data transformation. These experiences have equipped our consultants with numerous proven solutions to the many intricate data migration problems. Having these readily available solutions in our artillery serves to expedite our data migration implementations, and affords us the ability to concentrate on our clients' truly unique data issues.

eGovt Solutions data migration experts can help your organization

  • Profile both the source and target data
  • Design, develop and test scalable and flexible ETL processes
  • Identify and resolve all data integrity issues (defining explicit transformation steps to avoid data collision, proliferation of codes and data duplication)
  • Build conformed dimensions, providing the users with complete and consistent customer and/or product views
  • Group all jobs (meta-data) into a release - allowing for easy backup, recovery and testing of each release
  • Design and develop data audit routines to scrutinize the source and target data, identifying any discrepancies well before the UAT phase - thus giving users confidence in the integrity of the migrated data

We pride ourselves on being data migration experts

Our success and unmatched track record in this arena can be attributed to our proven design philosophy, highly trained consultants and the use of high-end productivity tools. eGovt Solutions data migration experts will ensure that your data conversion effort will be done right, on time and within budget.

eGovt Solutions Data Quality / Data Cleansing

Provides expert data cleansing, de-duping and address correction to maximize the accuracy and integrity of your data.

The main challenge in building decision support environments is to provide complete, accurate data and to create connections between the various disconnected data sources, thus providing a complete view of each key dimension.

eGovt Solutions data cleansing services will scrub your data, validate and correct addresses, identify and remove duplicates, and build cross-references between source and target tables. This results in giving your end-users complete and accurate data, and a single 360-degree view of each customer, product, sales rep and business unit.

Duplicate data or disconnected views reduces the integrity and efficiency of your business intelligence environment. Your data warehouse may currently have multiple views of the same customer, which means you're not getting the complete picture. A clean, consolidated view of your key dimensions can give you the real story behind the data.

10 Common Pitfalls of Data Quality Initiatives

  1. Leaving data quality to the IT group and not ensuring that it aligns to the business
  2. Reviewing data only for quality, and failing to look at how consumers and producers use the data
  3. Failing to define data quality thresholds, resulting in overspending on data quality
  4. Ensuring that data values are acceptable, but not confirming that the data accurately represents the entity it models
  5. Failing to accurately assess the true costs of data quality to the organization, and relying on 'gut feel' or anecdotal data
  6. Neglecting to train the organization in data quality, its impacts, and steps to correct
  7. Using data warehousing initiatives to correct data 'after the fact' rather than correcting quality issues at the source
  8. Undertaking a data quality initiative as a one-off effort, rather than the continuous corporate initiative that it should be
  9. Taking a myopic view of the data, rather than a full life cycle, full enterprise view, resulting in 'correct for the moment' data
  10. Failing to implement a comprehensive and automated list of data cleansing processes that identify data quality issues on an ongoing basis

eGovt Solutions data cleansing services will guarantee the integrity of your decision support database, thus providing your users with a clean, reliable and accurate business intelligence environment.

Database queries don't have to be unpredictable.

eGovt Solutions data cleansing services can be used for initial database cleanup efforts, or on an ongoing basis to ensure that future data loads and future interfaces do not compromise the integrity of your database.

eGovt Solutions Data Auditing

Providing initial & ongoing data audits to ensure the integrity of your Business Intelligence database.

The cost of making business decisions based on incomplete or inaccurate data can be huge: even the best executives can make the wrong business decision when it's based on the wrong data. But ensuring that data is synchronized between various systems is a difficult task often ignored by organizations - until key indicators derived from different solutions don't match.

eGovt Solutions helps you avoid this with automated data auditing solutions that allow you to uncover data discrepancies BEFORE the business users do. eGovt Solutions data auditing services will continuously monitor your BI environment and data sources, ensuring that any discrepancies are quickly identified - thus providing the organization with an "early-warning system" and allowing IT to correct the issue in a timely fashion.

 Data Auditing

eGovt Solutions' Data Auditing Service offers

Reviews of target and source systems to identify discrepancies and provide suggestions for correction.

Development of ongoing data auditing processes that may be delivered in the form of reports or dashboards that highlight data discrepancy issues before your users, allowing for proactive correction.

Validation of parallel solutions during system switch-overs.

eGovt Solutions' data auditing service is offered as part of our data warehouse development, or may be utilized against existing solutions. eGovt Solutions has successfully delivered data auditing solutions for new system rollouts, data migration efforts, and ongoing regular data loads - confirming the integrity of the systems and providing timely results to the business. Data integrity status is always communicated throughout the organization quickly so that the business can act quickly.

Just as Elon Musk leveraged 20 years of aerospace expertise to develop the best car in the world, we at eGovt Solutions leverage 20 years of data migration and business intelligence experience to create the best government digital transformation platform in the world.