Product Overview


The eGovt Suite is the most robust and compelling government process automation framework in the world, delivering the ultimate in flexibility, self-sufficiency, efficiency and transparency; increasing the likelihood of timely successful intervention while providing all interested parties with the ultimate confidence in the government!

eGovt Suite is an eSignature-ready automation framework that's completely multilingual. The solution integrates easily into existing government infrastructures to unify de-centralized operations, and streamline important oversight functions. The platform has been field-proven by Canadian as well as international government entities.

The eGovt Suite's dynamic rules-based architecture allows business users to easily update an organization's workflows in order to reflect the most recent policy or legislative changes. The solution automatically renders online forms from the latest workflow, and cascades workflow changes throughout the system, without any need for re-coding. This reduces the dependency on outside consultants or IT for ongoing system maintenance. It fully insulates the government from any inconsistencies in data collection, while delivering all the advantages of a complete end-to-end automation platform - ensuring maximum adoption, transparency, flexibility and efficiency.

eGovt Solutions' real-time eGovt Analytics platform is the most powerful SQL Business Intelligence (BI) platform on the market, delivering a pre-built data mart solution that is workflow-agnostic (no ETL changes required) and a BI tool in MicroStrategy that provides all Business Intelligence requirements including: standard reports, ROLAP cubes, data mining - predictive and regression modeling, mobile dashboards and ad-hoc reporting.

Built organically from the ground up specifically to satisfy complex and evolving government requirements, eGovt Solutions' zero-footprint framework is establishing the pattern for governance in the 21st century - the preeminent blend of government function expertise and enterprise-class software engineering.

components of the egovt suite

eGovt Solutions offers the highest level of automation to governments and their subsidiaries, here is how the platforms works.

A subscriber simply logs in to the eGovt Suite via the internet and submits their business information via a secure, intuitive submission form dynamically rendered by a pre-set workflow (or business rules dictionary).

The submission is then validated in real-time, certified, converted and stored for easy analysis, management, and distribution. The solution permits government bodies to collect high-quality data quicker, and in an electronic standardized way - ultimately accelerating analysis and improving communications between government agencies.

Zero-footprint thin-client software

Zero software downloads and zero investment is required at the subscriber level; in fact, very little training if any is necessary. Even smaller, less sophisticated clients can output reports and documents without any previous knowledge of the platform. The system also supports web services for loading and verifying existing documents, and offers an optional conversion module for CSV, XML and fixed length files.

Best of all, when revisions to the workflow are required, or when policy or legislative changes occur, a business user can drag and drop components using eGovt Designer and publish the new online forms. Forms, Analytics and all other application components are updated automatically with one touch, effectively future-proofing your organization.

eGovt's zero-footprint platform is based on a low-risk, modular architecture to enable the collection, processing, storage and analysis of government data. The core components of the platform are:

  1. eGovt Forms and eGovt Web Portal, thin-client platforms form the building blocks for the user experience,
  2. eGovt Designer and eGovt BPM, a business-user lead tool for online form and business process workflow creation,
  3. eGovt Analytics pre-built reporting and analytical solution.

These application components have been fully integrated to provide the most compelling and efficient end-to-end automation solution in the market.

eGovt Designer

Taxonomy optimization at the business user level

eGovt Designer is the most comprehensive and dynamic business-rule driven workflow creation tool on the market. It enables non-technical users to easily create and update workflows to reflect the most recent policy changes. This rules-based, metadata driven GUI design facility offers users a simple drag-and-drop functionality to create custom workflows. All committed changes for a new version of a form cascade throughout the entire system with minimal effort, eliminating the need for any coding.

The ‘self-service’ feature of the eGovt Designer not only demystifies the creation of workflows, but also puts workflow design back into the hands of the Government entity, at the individual user level - by simplifying and streamlining the data collection design process and allowing government entities to quickly react to changing legislation, standards and policies without IT or third-party intervention.

eGovt BPM

Automate workflows and optimize processes

eGovt BPM (Business Process Manager) is the eGovt Suite’s extensive workflow engine that automates the execution of tasks and activities required for any governement  processes. Workflows are created in eGovt Designer using a simple drag-and-drop interface. Workflow task objects appear in the UI as icons that can be dragged into the design area or on any transition line to create a workflow process. eGovt Suite's BMP engine provides the following main functions:

  1. Verification of the current process or workflow status: The engine checks whether or not it is valid to execute a task based current status.
  2. Determine the permissions of the users: The engine checks if the current user is permitted to execute the task.
  3. Executing conditions


eGovt Web Portal

Command control - secure portal to productivity

Built on the award winning LifeRay portal framework, the eGovt Web Portal serves as a multilingual command control for the entire platform, providing enterprise-level services for fully-integrated, end-to-end data collection, analysis and reporting.

eGovt Web Portal services include:

  • Security
  • Collaboration
  • Scheduling
  • Notifications
  • User / organization management
  • Taxonomy management
  • Document management

The portal seamlessly integrates all the components of the eGovt Suite to provide a single secure access point for all users. The integral hub of eGovt Solutions' end-to-end automation platform, the eGovt Web Portal 'thin client' runs on any modern web browser, making it easy to use, easy to deploy and instantly accessible to all users.

eGovt Forms

Data capture, validated against workflows in real-time

eGovt Forms renders the rules and workflows set in the eGovt Designer. It provides users an easy-to-use web based front end to submit information and receive real-time updates to verify the validity of their submission against the predefined rules or workflows. As a form moves through the workflows, users will continue to receive tailored notifications to ensure all details are completed.

Within these workflows, government users can specify e-signature, certificate generation and e-payment options. Additionally, other systems can be integrated throughout the process for information sharing. Form templates such as Excel can also be downloaded for offline completion and then uploaded to be submitted.

With the workflows identified, the application renders a set of workflow-driven screens and schedules to facilitate the data capture of high quality information which are then transmitted to eGovt Analytics.

eGovt Analytics

True Data Mining/Analytics combined with sophisticated government reporting for maximum disclosure and transparency

eGovt Analytics bundles our proven ETL technology and pre-built MicroStrategy reports and dashboards (including mobile versions) to deliver Business Intelligence. Standardized electronic data collected through eGovt Forms enables real-time intra-government and cross-sectored analysis and data mining. It also facilitates easy collaboration among users to undertake cross-government analysis through an extended framework.

eGovt Analytics comes with pre-defined multilingual standard reports, as well as web and mobile dashboards. Additional ad-hoc reports and custom standard reports and dashboards can also be developed internally or by eGovt consultants to deliver a comprehensive and collaborative end-user reporting environment.

Our Analytics platform supports Stream Analytics or "Operational Intelligence" which analyzes against real-time (not low-latency) data as it streams into a government entity's systems. Stream analytics applies fairly static queries against otherwise very dynamic data - we might think of analyses around fraud detection running against every credit card, claim or other transaction streaming into any government organization.



COVID-19 Solution

Closely monitor COVID-19 cases, trace contacts, track and forecast PPE demand and availability, manage procurement and distribution initiatives, track openings and closures for public buildings, parks, walk-in hospitals and clinics in geographic reports, and evolve the platform based on changing external circumstances.



Federal Solution

eGovt Federal Solution enables better decision making with bottom-up reporting of critical data and diverse input from various government agencies to inform decision-makers, followed by top-down orchestration to effectively and efficiently execute those decisions.



State Solution

eGovt’s State Solution is a purpose-built, web-based solution created to empower state and provincial governments to deliver accountability, responsiveness, and efficiency in the way of public services and benefits to its citizens.



Municipal Solution

The demands on city offices have never been greater and as citizen’s first source of support, government services can always seem in short supply or difficult to access. The eGovt Municipal Suite provides municipal departments with processes and tools for staff to be completely self-sufficient and expedite department processes.



End-to-End Automation

From amendment requests to multi-step reviews and inter-departmental escalation, the eGovt solution has built-in features to simplify any type of task and workflow.



Artificial Intelligence

Groom a digital workforce to support the high-value, decision-making work of your employees. Leverage artificial intelligence to highlight outliers, forecast trends, and predict outcomes.


Just as Elon Musk leveraged 20 years of aerospace expertise to develop the best car in the world, we at eGovt Solutions leverage 20 years of data migration and business intelligence experience to create the best government digital transformation platform in the world.