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Start your Digital Transformation Journey with eGovt Solutions

Start your Digital Transformation journey: respond to today’s challenges, and plan for tomorrow’s changes

Now more than ever, the public sector is under scrutiny to keep up with the changing needs and demands of their constituents. Simple automation of today’s processes is just not enough anymore - public leaders must think ahead and make strategic investments on solutions that can adapt and evolve with the changing world.

At eGovt Solutions, we simplify and streamline government processes and provide advanced analytics tools to strategically plan and respond to changes. Our solutions are built on a powerful data collection and workflow automation software that has the flexibility to adapt to the world we live in, with minimal code changes. It is designed to empower governments and match their vision to leap over challenges and provide efficient and reliable public services to every constituent.

Start your digital transformation journey today: centralize data and streamline processes, mine insightful data into your internal operations, enable your employees to be more productive, empower your citizens to seek the services they need, and stay prepared for the unknown challenges tomorrow can bring.



Emergency Response Solution

Closely monitor COVID-19 cases, trace contacts, track and forecast PPE demand and availability, manage procurement and distribution initiatives, track openings and closures for public buildings, parks, walk-in hospitals and clinics in geographic reports, and evolve the platform based on changing external circumstances.



National Solution

eGovt Federal Solution enables better decision-making with bottom-up reporting of critical data and diverse input from various government agencies to inform decision-makers, followed by top-down orchestration to effectively and efficiently execute those decisions.



State Solution

eGovt’s State Solution is a purpose-built, web-based solution created to empower state and provincial governments to deliver accountability, responsiveness, and efficiency in the way of public services and benefits to its citizens.



Municipal Solution

The demands on city offices have never been greater and as citizen’s first source of support, government services can always seem in short supply or difficult to access. The eGovt Municipal Solution provides municipal departments with processes and tools for staff to be completely self-sufficient and expedite department processes.



Registration & Licensing

Our Registration & Licensing Platform automates the core processes for business registrations and licensing activities across a full spectrum of financial sectors, paving the way for more efficient use of operational budgets and personnel resources.



Onsite Inspections

The eGovt Onsite Inspection solution offers government teams a web-based solution to automate and manage every aspect of their necessary onsite inspection processes and functions.



End-to-End Automation & Payment Collection

From amendment requests to multi-step reviews and inter-departmental escalation, eGovt Solutions has built-in features to simplify any type of task and workflow.



Real-Time Advanced Analytics & Artificial Intelligence

Groom a digital workforce to support the high-value, decision-making work of your employees. Leverage artificial intelligence to highlight outliers, forecast trends, and predict outcomes.



The eGovt solution can additionally be easily integrated with 3rd party applications via an application programming interface (API), to handle the sharing of information between our solution and your existing tools and platforms. Our solution can connect with your directory services, Document Management Systems (DMS), Customer Relations Management systems (CRMs), and payment processing systems. eGovt Solutions is experienced in integrating with a broad array of enterprise applications, ensuring continued use of your existing IT investments.

Key Benefits

Improve efficiency with complete end-to-end workflows

Our solution can automate your entire end-to-end workflows, including additional information requests, inter-departmental escalation, or the automated scheduling of renewals. We have designed a feature-rich solution that can boost the efficiency and productivity of any processes, regardless of complexity.


Limitless flexibility to accommodate future changes

As regulatory requirements evolve, so should your solution. The eGovt solution allows for easy modifications to online forms and workflows. Changes can be scheduled to take effect on a specific date, to ensure no interruptions in your service offerings, eliminate inconsistencies in data collection and your requirements.


Increase workflow transparency using collaborative features

The eGovt Suite contains features to support collaboration and communication. From amendment requests, shadow mode, and concurrent editing of online forms, to automated notifications, alerts, and live chat systems, our solution is aimed at supporting a collaborative process for all parties involved.


Empower your employees with the right tools for the job

The solution gives your valuable government employees the right tools and platform to perform impactful work. Improve employee satisfaction by optimizing internal workflows, leveraging analytics, and allowing your employees to focus on problem-solving work instead of mundane administrative and clerical tasks.


Track your ROI and capture new opportunities

How will you know you have made the right investment? Our solution has built-in standard reports to track the time and resources spent in each workflow state, as well as turn around times for each service request type. Evaluate efficiencies and capture opportunities for further process optimization to maximize your return on investment (ROI).


Performance management

Measure and manage performance across all department and agencies in the country, compare SLA compliance, turnaround times, workload distribution and optimize efficiency at all branches of the government.


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