End-To-End Automation

End-To-End Automation

The eGovt Suite is the last ERP software that you’ll ever have to buy!

Technology has come a long way over the past 15 years enabling governments to collect and mine machine readable data delivering proactive real-time analytics on the collected data with little to no manual intervention. Gone are the days of collecting printouts and PDF’s only to eye-ball them or transcribe them into Excel in order to perform real analysis a month or two later.

At the forefront of innovation, and the move towards full automation of all government oversight functions, is Canada’s eGovt Solutions. Our multilingual data collection and analytics platform can be configured to automate any government service or oversight function; providing government entities with a single web portal for all their interactions with their constituents and with other government bodies including: all registration/license applications, and all other federal, provincial/state and municipal functions. 

The eGovt Suite can be configured to automate any required data capture, any workflow (process) and any reporting function. It is perfectly suited to automate any manual or inefficient business process, building bridges and highways between disparate divisions, agencies and systems.

The platform is fully multilingual, e-commerce and e-signature ready and can be deployed in under 30 days. With an abundance of APIs, this highly dynamic and robust platform integrates easily into existing government systems and infrastructures to unify decentralized operations and streamline important oversight functions. The platform has been field-proven by Canadian and international government entities and can be configured quickly to automate any missing or manual government function.

The solution automatically renders online forms based on the latest data collection and business needs, and cascades new data collection requirements throughout the system, without the need for  re-coding - thus reducing the dependency on outside consultants or IT for ongoing system maintenance.

All data collected is automatically loaded into the eGovt Suite’s analytics platform in near real-time. Facilitating all required Operational and Strategic reporting through the platforms world-class mobile ready business intelligence tool.

Built organically from the ground up specifically to satisfy complex and evolving information and process needs, our zero-footprint solution is establishing the standard for flexible, dynamic and robust data collection and analytics in the 21st century - the preeminent blend of data collection expertise and enterprise-class software engineering.

eGovt Solutions' end-to-end data collection and analytics platform offers the highest level of automation for government organizations, their divisions or citizens: an end-user simply logs in via the platform’s web portal and after authentication proceeds to supply all required information, payments and/or electronic signatures via a secure, intuitive submission form dynamically rendered from your business rules dictionary.

The supplied information is then validated in real time, certified, converted and stored in a relational database for further processing and/or distribution. The solution empowers organizations to collect previously unavailable high quality data quicker, and in an electronic standardized way - ultimately accelerating analysis and improving decision making throughout the organization.

eGovt Solutions' pre-built analytics data mart comes bundled with MicroStrategy, and delivers instant reports, cubes, mobile dashboards, ad-hoc reports and data mining capabilities.

Once installed, this platform will be the most extensively used software for any government entity and will be the go-to software for any new or revised government function that requires automation – eliminating the need for future software evaluations and software investments; future proofing your environment while keeping your cost of operation in check and well within your annual budget.

Business Process Management for Governments

For government bodies often faced with challenges posed by limited resources, a well-designed business process model is critical in achieving organizational efficiency and obtaining desired results. eGovt Solution's Business Process Management (BPM) platform offers governments a visual process design tool powered by a dynamic engine to automate and manage any government processes and functions.

The eGovt BPM solution's user-friendly design pen is equipped with a full set of task objects for users to design and visualize process workflows, streamlining government processes end-to-end: including the processing of applications, collecting digital signatures and online payments, issuing letters and certificates, scheduling meetings, sending notifications, preparing documents, and much more. Adopting the eGovt BPM solution allows users to easily create their organization's ideal business process execution model by customizing online forms and workflows, complete with validation rules and decision logic.



This flexible solution allows users to quickly and easily modify and reuse process workflows when making adjustments in response to changes. With minimal time lost adapting to changes in infrastructure or legislation, governments can rely on the eGovt BPM solution to immediately execute updated workflows, future-proofing the organization to inevitable changes.

Once designed processes are implemented, our solution delivers to governments a break down of their business process, taking over repetitive manual labour with greater consistency and reliability, and freeing valuable government workers to perform high value, decision making tasks. Executing workflows based on automated rules and decision logic, the eGovt BPM solution will bring the right task to the right person at the right time, improving the flow of information and reducing turnaround times. Furthermore governments and citizens can gain access to improved visibility of progress, with the ability to track and monitor workflows from initiation to completion right from the web portal. Dashboards can be additionally configured to identify process bottlenecks and areas open to further optimization, for continuous process improvement.


Full automation of any manual or inefficient business function

End-to-End automation of any government function

Generation of electronic licenses, permits and renewals

Obtaining client feedback, surveys or complaints

All data collection from customers, subsidiaries and regional offices or cooperating government entities

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