National Solution

eGovt National Solution

Streamline and Coordinate Government Activities Across the Entire Country

From policy-makers to front-line workers to constituents, connect and automate every public service in the country; coordinate responses to global challenges while informing and engaging all citizens

Digital transformation is imperative to adapt to a changing world. National governments need to be progressive and make strategic investments that will streamline operations and drive better decision-making across all departments and agencies. Better decision-making starts with bottom-up reporting of critical data and diverse input from various government agencies to inform decision-makers, followed by top-down orchestration to efficiently execute those decisions. Imagine the impact this can have on the quality of government operations, as well as public satisfaction.

At eGovt Solutions, we understand the difficulty of governments in reaching this desired state, when faced with a myriad of challenges. Spanning across changing public expectations, evolving regulatory requirements, dependency on legacy systems, to the reluctance of accepting new technologies from existing staff, budget constraints, and the inevitable risk of implementation or adoption failure. The types of challenges governments must overcome are vast and complex. These challenges are additionally compounded by unforeseen events and the need to reprioritize based on changing constituent demands.

Such challenges will only get worse as the pace of change continues to accelerate. As the gap between modern technology and National government infrastructures grows, so will the level of effort required to catch up to these changes. National governments are in need of a flexible solution designed to evolve and scale with the changing world, and they need it today.

Simplify and Streamline Government Processes with the eGovt National Solution

The eGovt National Solution is a powerful data collection and workflow automation solution that has the flexibility to adapt to the world we live in. It is designed to empower governments and match their vision to leap over challenges and provide efficient and reliable online public services to every constituent.

With SaaS and on-premise deployment options available, the eGovt National Solution supports the digital transformation of any government processes, regardless of size, complexity, or budget. No matter how complex the current workflows may be, our experienced consultants can guide you through a seamless transition from paper-based forms and manual processes, to online forms and automated workflows in under 30 days.

With the eGovt National Solution, governments can start their digital transformation journey: centralize data and streamline processes, enable government employees to be more effective, provide better services, and exceed public expectations - all within the comfort and safety of our homes.

Rapidly deploy critical services

The eGovt Suite gives governments the ability to easily configure and move with changing local and global standards. Read more about how eGovt solutions can help with the challenges you are facing as a result of COVID-19.


With the eGovt National Solution, you can automate and manage your various forms and process workflows, with unmatched flexibility, minimal turnaround times, and absolutely no need for coding. Here are some applications of our solution.


Government Subsidy Programs

Design and deploy subsidy and assistance program forms and workflows for your constituents, track payments and review funding distribution, notify beneficiaries of eligibility periods and conditions.



COVID-19 Response

Deploy new unemployment claims processes, PPE distribution initiatives, track ICU bed counts, ventilator counts and locations, and evolve the platform based on changing external circumstances.



Performance Management

Measure performance across the country, compare service level agreement (SLA) compliance, turnaround times, workload distribution, and optimize efficiency at all levels of the government.



Tax Filing

Collect personal or corporate tax filings, automatically calculate tax returns, automatically fill-in known information, and reduce the need for multiple entries of redundant information.



Business Registrations

Simplify new company registrations, issue business registration numbers, and schedule reporting requirements per business type; reduce the reporting burden by eliminating the need for multiple reporting.



Employment Insurance

Provide easy access to unemployment claims, validate claim eligibility and submit relevant information, calculate benefit amount, and streamline the process for quick and reliable service for constituents in need.




Build process to ensure application package is complete, collect pre-validated application forms and attachments, schedule interviews, citizenship tests and ceremony.



Passport Services

Automate the passport application and renewal process, send notifications of upcoming passport expiry, submit declarations electronically using an online platform.



Border Services

Collect electronic declaration of regulated goods, notify appropriate department or government agency of import, auto-calculate taxes and duties, notify importers, and collect payments online.



Student Loans and Grants

Receive applications to student loans and grants online, update contact information, auto-calculate repayment amounts and schedules based on different repayment options.


Veteran Services

Collect veteran benefit applications online, track applications, receive automated notifications of applications and outcomes, prioritize applications, and answer to veteran needs.



Pension Benefits

Facilitate online enrollment of retirement pensions, pension deferrals, and update personal information, auto-calculate the benefit amount and notify beneficiary when required.




Run census programs, capture data online and leverage built-in analytics to instantly visualize a statistical portrait of your country  across various market sectors and population segments.



Federal Transfers & Equalization Payments

Track distribution of national funds, identify fiscal disparities, and allocate funds as required to ensure public service quality for all constituents across the country.



Advanced Analytics & AI

Review spending, facts, citizen counts, hospital counts, police counts, fire counts, program successes and failures across the entire country or drill down by state or municipal government.


Key Features

Capture Online Service Requests

The eGovt National Solution provides a secure and convenient web-portal for your constituents to interface with their government.


Manage and Prioritize Workload

Assign tasks, due dates and priority on cases, manage cases and workload distribution, and effectively supervise work completion.


Simplify Complex Workflows

From amendment requests to multi-step reviews and inter-departmental escalation, the solution has built-in features to simplify any type of task and workflow.


Bottom-Up Reporting

Access a roll-up summary from all levels of the government at your fingertips, eliminating governance silos across government levels and departments, and enabling collaboration.


Country-Wide Analytics

Roll up the gathered data into a high-level summary to quickly identify issues and review country-wide performance for key metrics in interactive dashboards with drill-down capabilities.


End-to-End Automation

The world doesn’t stop after the initial application approval. Schedule renewal applications, payment reminders, alerts, and notifications and stay connected with your constituents.



The eGovt Suite can be easily integrated with any 3rd party programs or legacy systems to ensure timely sharing of information. Our solution can connect with your directory services, Document Management System (DMS), Customer Relations Management systems, (CRMs) and payment processing systems. eGovt Solutions is experienced in integrating with a broad array of enterprise applications, ensuring continued use of your existing IT investments.

Key Benefits

Improve efficiency with complete end-to-end workflows

Our solution can automate your entire end-to-end workflows, including additional information requests, inter-departmental escalation, or the automated scheduling of renewals. We have designed a feature-rich solution that can boost the efficiency and productivity of any process, regardless of complexity.


Limitless flexibility to accommodate future changes

As regulatory requirements evolve, so should your solution. The eGovt solution allows for easy modifications to online forms and workflows. Changes can be scheduled to take effect on a specific date, to ensure no interruptions in your service offerings, eliminate inconsistencies in data collection and your regulatory requirements.


Increase workflow transparency using collaborative features

The eGovt National Solution features support collaboration and communication. From amendment requests, shadow mode, and concurrent editing of online forms, to automated notifications, alerts and live chat systems, our solution is aimed at supporting a collaborative process for all parties involved.


Empower your employees with the right tools for the job

The solution gives your valuable government employees the right tools and platform to perform impactful work. Improve employee satisfaction by optimizing internal workflows and allowing your employees focus on problem-solving work, instead of mundane administrative and clerical tasks.

Track your ROI and capture new opportunities

How will you know you have made the right investment? Our solution has built-in standard reports to track the time and resources spent in each workflow state, as well as turn-around times for each service request type. Evaluate efficiencies and capture opportunities for further process optimization to maximize your return on investment (ROI).


Performance Management

Measure and manage performance across all departments and agencies in the country, compare SLA compliance, turnaround times, workload distribution, and optimize efficiency at all branches of government.


Just as Elon Musk leveraged 20 years of aerospace expertise to develop the best car in the world, we at eGovt Solutions leverage 20 years of data migration and business intelligence experience to create the best government digital transformation platform in the world.