eGovt BPM

eGovt BPM

eGovt BPM (Business Process Manager) is an extensive workflow engine that automates the execution of tasks and activities required for any government  processes. This flexible engine allows government users to easily create and modify workflows in eGovt Designer using a simple, user-friendly interface, to quickly meet your organization's ever-changing legislation and business process models without IT intervention. Government processes automated by eGovt BPM will maintain the highest level of optimization, productivity, cost savings, and compliance - as this powerful engine commits to execute workflows consistently and effortlessly every single time.


eGovt Suite's BMP engine provides the following main functions:

  1. Verification of the current process or workflow status: The engine checks whether or not it is valid to execute a task based current status.
  2. Determine the permissions of the users: The engine checks if the current user is permitted to execute the task.
  3. Executing conditions


eGovt Designer's easy to use, drag and drop UI delivers to users instant visualization of their process designs, and the freedom to quickly model processes using a variety of task objects, to suit the exact needs of their organization.




Task Objects


Users are able to add Payment task objects into workflows to collect online payments. Whether payment is required for an application, a permit, or a fine, eGovt BPM can collect payments via various payment methods right from the portal. End-users will be able to see the reason for charge or the breakdown of items and the total amount to be paid. Payment states are transitioned from once the payment has been successful.


Digital Signatures

An Digital Signature task object can be used on any document and within any business process that requires the signature of an authorized user to confirm or verify the integrity of the data being submitted. eGovt BPM comes bundled with e-Sign Systems electronic signature solution. E-signature states are transitioned from once the document has successfully captures a signature.


Certificate Generation

The Certificate Generation task object will generate a signed official certificate in the form of a PDF to fully automate every aspect of government processes. A license certificate is generated from the system with an electronic signature and auto-populated fields based on the certificate receiver information.



A Checklist task is a simple web-form used to display options to the user. Based on the selections from the checklist additional tasks, actions and logic is executed on submission.




A document (online form) will be required to be submitted when the workflow reaches a Document task. This document may pull values from various sources such as the previous document, from a meeting or from a choice where its logic was driven from a document, etc. Any number of documents can be created within a business process or workflow. Document states are transitioned from once the document has been submitted.

Schedule Meetings

A meeting task schedules a meeting of participants based on basic configurable information. A meeting task requires the following: meeting name, meeting time, meeting date, meeting location and participants that are selected from the list available users based on user roles and permissions. Meeting states are transitioned from once the meeting time has started.



Manual/Automated Decisions

eGovt BPM allows users to incorporate decisions logic into process workflows to relieve tedious manual checks and bottlenecks that may follow. Decision objects can contain multiple outputs, and the output can be manual (stop to require analyst review) or automatic (automatically execute logic). For automatic decisions, the Decision task object contains an editable field where configurable expressions can be added to execute logic. The expression box allows for Form fields and database queries to be dragged in using the drag-and-drop UI. The input for a decision comes from a value in the task it is transitioning from.

Add Process

Adding a Process task object will allow users to embed another workflow into the workflow being designed. When the workflow reaches a process task object, the system will initiate the embedded workflow, which can follow it's own unique process.

PDF Generation

The PDF Generation task object will eliminate repetitive document preparation steps, by automatically bundling and generating a PDF of multiple documents associated in the workflow. The bundled documents are immediately ready for review, distribution, or to be electronically signed and safely stored in the eVault.


A Notification task sends notifications to specified users within the portal and via email. eGovt BPM will notify the right people at the right time, enabling government users to make prompt and informed, smart decisions.

Just as Elon Musk leveraged 20 years of aerospace expertise to develop the best car in the world, we at eGovt Solutions leverage 20 years of data migration and business intelligence experience to create the best government digital transformation platform in the world.