Why Choose Us

Why Choose eGovt Suite

The eGovt Suite was built organically from the ground up specifically to satisfy complex and evolving financial regulatory requirements.

Business-User-Driven Taxonomy Design

  • Rules-based, metadata-driven GUI design facility gives full control to governments at the business user level, and simplifies the ongoing management of the system
  • Simple and easy-to-use workflow design facility allows business users to quickly change data collection rules to respond to changing policies and legislative requirements

Facilitated Web-based Filing

  • A zero-footprint (thin client) online forms-based solution removes the technological burden from the users and allows them to submit forms over the web without having to queue at government offices, in the comfort of their own homes
  • Facilitated data collection provides governments with a quick and smooth transition to a fully automated framework and provides for immediate adoption and 100% efficiency
  • Submission forms are automatically rendered from the latest workflow and allows users to validate their forms prior to submission
  • Pre-validated submissions reduce government staff’s processing and re-submission costs

Fully-Integrated Analytics

  • eGovt Solutions pre-built analytics data mart comes bundled with MicroStrategy and delivers instant reports, ROLAP cubes, data mining, mobile dashboards and an ad-hoc business intelligence environment
  • Fully-integrated analytics platform allows government entities to monitor and assess their performance in near real-time (approx. 15 seconds after online form submission)
  • Standardized electronic “content” enables direct system-to-system information sharing between government entities, and between federal, provincial/state and municipal government bodies. It minimizes error rates as information moves from government sources through to the government analytical software via straight through processing (STP)
eGovt Solutions has an impeccable track record of end-to-end process automation implementations that addresses shortcomings of traditional systems.

eGovt Solutions has credible, relevant experience and skill in delivering government process automation infrastructure. We offer time-tested software, an experienced development team and a complete understanding of specific government challenges. We bring to the table a long history of innovation, developing productivity tools to automate and simplify every aspect of data migration and integration - including one of the first ETL tools on the market in 1996.

What makes eGovt Suite unique

eGovt Suite is the most comprehensive and dynamic business-rule driven process automation solution in the market.

Our platform insulates government entities from the complexities of delivering all the advantages of a complete end-to-end process automation platform - ensuring maximum transparency, maximum flexibility and maximum efficiency.

Our business-rules driven eGovt Suite allows regulators and policy makers to take complete control of their environment. Government users are fully-equipped to make all required system changes, allowing them to:

  • Quickly change the workflow (data collection rules) and online form layouts to respond to changing trends and monitoring requirements in days (not weeks or months)
  • Create, modify and extend their own workflows and online form layouts via an easy to use GUI (drag-and-drop) design tool
  • Create more frequent reporting windows: quarterly, monthly, weekly, daily or even hourly
  • Automatically cascade any workflow or instance document changes to eGovt Analytics without the need to re-code any ETL or BI processes
  • Minimize cost and reaction time to legislative changes by dynamically cascading workflow rules changes throughout the system

Our workflow-driven thin client forms submission solution:

  • Insulates the government entity from any/all of automation complexities
  • Provides for real-time validation against the latest workflow, during data entry and prior to final submission to the government body - thus providing increased transparency and higher quality submissions
  • Ensures that the submission vehicle is completely synchronized with the latest workflow and data collection rules and calculations
  • Removes the technological and financial burden normally associated with process automation adoption, thus increasing government efficiency

Our dynamic and powerful eGovt Analytics platform provides governments with:

  • A pre-built, workflow-agnostic data mart that can consume any workflow and any set of Instance documents associated with a workflow
  • The ability to make workflow and data collection changes without any ETL modifications or re-tooling
  • A premiere Business Intelligence tool (MicroStrategy) bundled with the eGovt Analytics platform at no additional cost - delivering the most robust and powerful BI platform on the market (including instant reports, ROLAP cubes, data mining capabilities, mobile dashboards and an ad-hoc reporting environment)

Our dynamic and fully-integrated government solution provides the optimal medium for managing, controlling, validating and mining of the standardized electronic content within seconds of an online form submission:

  • Workflow (business-rules) changes made in eGovt Designer are passed to eGovt Forms for real-time validation, to eGovt Web Portal for post-submission validation, and loaded into eGovt Analytics as meta-data
  • Online form changes made in eGovt Designer are dynamically rendered in eGovt Forms eliminating the need to make any code changes or for the government users to refresh any templates
  • eGovt Forms submissions auto-generate documents which are re-validated in eGovt Web Portal against the workflow and loaded in eGovt Analytics within seconds for real-time reporting

eGovt Solutions' automation platform also offers the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) on the market:

  • Being business-rules driven and having the business users in the driver's seat eliminates ongoing IT and consulting costs associated with evolving, maintaining and supporting the system
  • All information collected is pre-validated against the user-defined business rules prior to submission ensuring that all collected data is complete, consistent and accurate - eliminating the need for post-submission rejection or re-submission.
  • Our pre-built analytics platform comes bundled with MicroStrategy (the world's leading BI tool), eliminating the need to buy expensive software for the BI platform
  • Finally, since the system is fully configurable and virtually turn-key (with no need for any code changes), eGovt Solutions provides our customers with the most stable (and maintenance-free) production environment

The eGovt Suite is the most compelling data collection and analytics solution on the market, delivering the ultimate in organization's data collection flexibility, self-sufficiency, efficiency and transparency; increasing the likelihood of timely successful intervention while providing all interested parties with the ultimate confidence in the information collected.

All of the above differentiators make the eGovt Suite the most comprehensive, dynamic, and compelling government process automation solution on the market - delivering the ultimate in flexibility, self-sufficiency and transparency, increasing the likelihood of timely successful intervention, and providing all interested parties with ultimate confidence in governments.

Just as Elon Musk leveraged 20 years of aerospace expertise to develop the best car in the world, we at eGovt Solutions leverage 20 years of data migration and business intelligence experience to create the best government digital transformation platform in the world.