eGovt State Solution

eGovt State Solution

Digitally Transform all State Services to Rapidly Deliver Value

Helping governments automate and coordinate services and respond to global challenges across the entire state

Digital transformation is a buzz word that has inspired industries across the board to deliver greater value to their customers, users, and stakeholders in the form of technological innovation and ongoing metamorphosis.

eGovt’s State Solution is a purpose-built, web-based solution created to empower governments to deliver accountability, responsiveness, and efficiency in the way of public services and benefits to its citizens. Eliminate the need for manual processes, siloed systems, and lineups; perform all provincial and state government functions from one place, safely, securely, and remotely with eGovt Solutions.

With eGovt’s State Solution, citizens can access Provincial or State Government services from an easy-to-use eGovt Web Portal, 24/7, giving them the ability to actively engage with their Government from the comfort and safety of their own homes.

Perform all government functions from one place; safely, securely, and remotely

eGovt’s State Solution is a powerful data collection and workflow automation solution that has the flexibility to adapt to the world we live in. It is designed to empower provincial and state governments and match their vision to leap over challenges and provide efficient and reliable online public services to every constituent.

With SaaS and on-premise deployment options available, the eGovt State Solution supports the digital transformation of any government processes, regardless of size, complexity, or budget. No matter how complex the current workflows may be, our experienced consultants can guide you through a seamless transition from paper-based forms and manual processes, to online forms and automated workflows in under 30 days.

With the eGovt State Solution, governments can start their digital transformation journey: centralize data and streamline processes, enable government employees to be more effective, provide better services, and exceed public expectations - all within the comfort and safety of their own homes.

Rapidly deploy critical services

The eGovt Suite gives you the ability to easily configure and move with changing local and global standards. Read more about how eGovt solutions can help with the challenges you are facing as a result of COVID-19.


With eGovt’s State Solution, you can automate and manage your various forms and process workflows and keep track of progress and make data-driven decisions with our world-class business intelligence tool.

Navigate influential statistics across state-level projects and better understand how to make adjustments and improvements with unmatched flexibility, minimal turnaround times, and absolutely no need for coding. Here are some applications of our solution.

Here are some applications of our solution.


Infrastructure Project Planning & Delivery

Communicate directly with federal and municipal governments on various programs; use data mining and analytics to prioritize programs and initiatives. Track progress, design workflows, and report accurately.



COVID-19 Monitoring & Emergency Response

Quickly and effectively respond to a global pandemic (like COVID-19) and natural disasters by rolling out park openings and closure maps, hospital/clinics accepting walk-ins yes/no maps, ICU bed counts, PPE counts, ventilator counts, and road closures.



Tourism & Parks Services

Run programs to track parks that are open/closed, natural disasters like fire in the area, damaged parks, trail access, and capacity. Leverage the power of analytics to determine capacity levels and provide citizens with the information they need when utilizing these services.



Marriage Licenses

Allow constituents to submit marriage license applications without having to visit a local office, collect pre-validated application forms and attachments, schedule any required interviews, and collect payments.



Education & Child Services

Provide easy access to early years education, child care, elementary, and secondary school education from one web-based portal. Collect child care subsidy applications, determine eligibility, and log child care complaints.



Driver Licensing

Automate the driver’s license application and renewal process, send notification of upcoming license expiry dates, submit applications electronically using an online platform, collect payments - eliminating the need for a manual process.



Vehicle Registrations

Collect applications and renewals for vehicle registration quickly and efficiently. Submit change-of-address information online and process credit and debit card transactions.



Health Services

Provide a convenient and secure health service application web-portal to your constituents; collect and process applications and/or renewals for state or provincially funded health services.



Social Security Claims

Provide online applications for retirement, spousal, medical, or disability benefits using a secure web portal. Validate claim eligibility, and calculate a guaranteed return; effectively streamlining the process.



Unemployment Claim Processing

Provide easy access to unemployment claims, validate claim eligibility, calculate benefit amount, and streamline the process for quick and reliable service for constituents in need.



Nursing Home Applications & Renewals

Determine eligibility for long-term care and government subsidy programs. Provide easy access to applications and collect payments for any accommodation charges such as room and board.



Company Registrations

Simplify new company registrations, issuing business license numbers, and scheduling reporting requirements per business type reducing the reporting burden on businesses by eliminating the need for multiple reporting.



Performance Management

Measure performance across the state, compare service level agreement (SLA) compliance, track turnaround times, monitor workload distribution, and optimize efficiency at all levels of the government.



Public Reporting

Inform your citizens with a graphical representation of data; present geographical representations of public service availability, openings, and closures of public buildings and spaces, heatmaps of public health cases, and more.



Advanced Analytics & AI

Leverage the platform's powerful advanced analytics and artificial intelligence capabilities to review spending, facts, citizen counts, hospital counts, police counts, fire counts, program successes or failures, across the entire state/province.


Key Features

Capture Online Service Requests

The eGovt State Solution provides a secure and convenient web-portal for your constituents to interface with the government.


Manage and Prioritize Workload

Assign tasks, due dates and priority on cases, manage cases and workload distribution, and effectively supervise work completion.


Simplify Complex Workflows

From amendment requests to multi-step reviews and inter-departmental escalation, the solution has built-in features to simplify any type of task and workflow.


Bottom-Up Reporting

Access a roll-up summary from all levels of the government at your fingertips, eliminating governance silos across government levels and departments, and enabling collaboration.


System-Wide Analytics

Roll up the gathered data into a high-level summary to quickly identify issues and review system-wide performance for key metrics in interactive dashboards with drill-down capabilities.


End-to-End Automation

The world doesn’t stop after the initial application approval. Schedule renewal applications, payment reminders, alerts, and notifications, and stay connected with your constituents.



The eGovt Suite can be easily integrated with any 3rd party programs or legacy systems to ensure timely sharing of information. Our solution can connect with your directory services, Document Management System (DMS), Customer Relations Management systems, (CRMs) and payment processing systems. eGovt Solutions is experienced in integrating with a broad array of enterprise applications, ensuring continued use of your existing IT investments.

Key Benefits

Improve functional efficiency

By automating government functions, employees and governments have more time to be future-focused.


Make powerful data-driven decisions

Effectively make decisions based on real data and insights to make improvements at every stage and every level.


Easily assign, track, and prioritize user-assigned tasks

Eliminate redundancies in work and work assignments by having the ability to track and manage progress or bottlenecks.


Eliminate the need for face-to-face interactions

Gone are the days of line-ups at government institutions, citizens are able to apply, register, or access any service from the safety and security of their own homes


Provide all services from one centralized location

Eliminate the need for manual processes and multiple systems. Perform all government functions from one place, safely, securely, and remotely with eGovt Solutions.


Complete automation of all Government Services

Give citizens the ability to track and manage every point in the application process. Push notifications for any missing or additional elements and collect payments for applications, permits, etc, all from one secure portal.


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