Government Emergency Response Solution

eGovt Emergency Response Solution

Never Lose Track of a Single COVID-19 Case Again.


Take Control of the COVID-19 Pandemic with eGovt's SaaS Solution

In a matter of weeks, our world has been turned upside down and the demands on our city services have never been greater.

The eGovt COVID-19 SaaS Solution offers an end-to-end solution for critical government COVID-19 support services ensuring business stability through times of disruption. From case tracking and contact tracing, PPE or resource tracking and procurement, to public reporting and advanced analytics, we empower governments to quickly tackle and take control of today’s most pressing issues in days, not months.

eGovt will work with you to provide critical COVID-19 tracking services as well as deliver public services effectively and remotely, 7x24.

Gain complete oversight of the pandemic and provide critical services to those affected with the eGovt COVID-19 Solution

Our communities are in need of a strategic solution more than ever. The outbreak of COVID-19 has affected the lives of many worldwide, and we are witnessing the effectiveness or the lack thereof in each jurisdiction’s response measures and its effect on the public. With many aspects of their lives in uncertainty, constituents are dependent on the government to lead the way, and public leaders must instill confidence by effectively managing the available resources, enforcing accountability, and maintaining transparency throughout the process.


Process design tool used to automate the capture and tracking of COVID-19 cases

Capture and Track Critical COVID-19 Data to Effectively Navigate Through the Pandemic

The eGovt COVID-19 Solution  is an end to end SaaS solution to effectively navigate through these unprecedented times. The case tracking and workflow automation solution has the flexibility to streamline and simplify all types of workflows, providing governments with a centralized command center for effectively overseeing, planning and managing all moving parts required to effectively combat COVID-19.

No matter how complex the current workflows may be, with the eGovt COVID-19 solution governments can start taking control of the pandemic: centralize data and streamline testing processes, collect critical data to enable government employees to quickly mobilize and make informed decisions, oversee personal protective equipment (PPE) and service availability to plan procurement based on demands, and provide better services and information to your constituents.


With the eGovt COVID-19 Solution, you can automate and manage various forms and process workflows, with unmatched flexibility, minimal turnaround times, and absolutely no need for coding. Here are some applications of our solution.


COVID-19 Case Tracking

Manage cases end to end throughout its lifecycle from self-test questionnaires, scheduling tests, contact tracing, connecting related cases, patient status updates and scheduling follow-up tests



Contact Tracing & Business Safety Inspections

Trace contacts and visited locations of infected patients, notify individuals of their exposure to COVID-19. Assess health and safety measures at business locations and inspect non-compliant locations



PPE Tracking

Gain complete oversight of PPE needs and plan distribution logistics via weekly inventory reports collected from hospitals and clinics for disposable masks, gloves, gowns, ventilators, testing kits and more



PPE & Services Procurement

Call for suppliers for various PPE and essential services based on current demands and forecasted availability, display aggregated total of units required and effectively prepare for PPE needs



Essential Service Tracking

Track availability of essential services such as food banks, day cares and homeless shelters by location, inform the public and support vulnerable demographics in times of need



City Openings & Closures

Display geographic representations of openings and closures of public buildings and spaces, such as government buildings, public packs, libraries, recreational centers and more



Complaints & Concerns

Collect complaints and concerns from the public on health and safety concerns, public employees, and social distancing violations; record investigation details and schedule follow-ups



Public Reporting

Inform your citizens with graphical representation of data; COVID-19 breakout heatmaps, total number of active cases and breakdown by number of patients confirmed, in testing, released or deceased, geographical representations of hospitals accepting walk-ins, and more



Advanced Analytics

Leverage data collected to forecast PPE product or essential service needs based on rate of use or increase in demand, procure in advance and plan distribution to ensure availability for all medical organizations, long term care  and nursing homes in need 


The solution’s world-class Business Process Automation Engine (BPAE) automates predefined online request forms and workflows. eGovt COVID-19 Solution’s forms and workflows are highly configurable and can be quickly tailored to match your jurisdiction’s needs.

No matter how many review steps and divisions need to be involved in the workflow, the eGovt COVID-19 Solution will bring the right task to the right person at the right time. 


The eGovt COVID-19 SaaS Solution will provide a geographical representation and heatmaps of COVID-19 cases separated by FSA (postal code/zip code)




The eGovt solution can additionally be integrated with 3rd party applications via API, to handle the sharing of information between our solution and your existing tools and platforms. Our solution can connect with your directory services, Document Management systems (DMs), Customer Relations Management systems, (CRMs) and payment processing systems. eGovt Solutions is experienced in integrating with a broad array of enterprise applications, ensuring continued use of your existing IT investments.

Key Benefits

Never lose track of a COVID-19 case

Tracking known cases and identifying possible cases is imperative to mitigate the spread of the virus. Our solution provides a platform for close monitoring of each case, and provides a structured system with clear accountabilities for all those involved. It removes the room for human error and oversight by automating repetitive tasks such as creating new cases, distributing self-test questionnaires, collecting contact tracing forms, scheduling tests/ re-tests, connecting related cases, and providing real-time updates on critical COVID-19 information to the public.

Never run out of PPE equipment

The solution allows governments to keep track of PPE and essential service demands, and forecast future needs based on the rate of use at each hospital, clinic, long term care or nursing home. Suppliers can also offer products and services based on product or service demand, ensuring specific resource needs are satisfied without creating a surplus for products or services not in demand. The solution essentially creates an ecosystem for the government, hospitals and suppliers to clearly communicate their needs and offers, and efficiently procure and allocate resources based on needs.

Stay on top of available essential services and facilities

Tracking availability of essential services is critical to ensure continued support for those in need. Track essential service availability such as food banks, daycares and homeless shelters, to ensure vulnerable demographics are also protected and safe from the pandemic. Leverage geographical representations of data to empower your constituents, by providing real-time information on the availability of the services within their proximity, as well as when and where to seek help.

Provide complete public disclosure and transparency

Through efficient dissemination of critical public information, promote transparency in how COVID-19 is being handled in your jurisdiction and build trust and confidence in your constituents. Inform the public with an accurate source of information and prevent unnecessary panic. Guide and instruct the public on appropriate next steps to take based on their self-assessments and/ or COVID-19 test results, and stay connected with your constituents safely and remotely.

Just as Elon Musk leveraged 20 years of aerospace expertise to develop the best car in the world, we at eGovt Solutions leverage 20 years of data migration and business intelligence experience to create the best government digital transformation platform in the world.