Online Licensing Software for Governments

Online Registration & Licensing Platform for Governments

Simplify and automate the complex steps in the permitting, licensing, and registration process to best serve your citizens

No matter what type of license needs processing, eGovt Solutions' business licensing solution helps administrators process transactions quickly and efficiently. Creating a seamless process that promotes collaboration and increases information visibility across departments.

A survey of Government IT Leaders revealed that 52% of their public-facing processes (e.g., applications, casework, taxes, etc.) rely heavily on manual, paper-intensive processing*.

Automate & Simplify Any Public-Facing License Application or Form Submission Process


A Simple & Convenient Citizen & Business Experience

The eGovt Solutions Online Licensing and Permitting solution enables citizens to access all public-facing services from a centralized portal. 

Accessible anytime, anywhere, and from any device; citizens and businesses can submit applications and requests to their government all online. With our powerful solution, eGovt Solutions takes all existing paper-based forms digital through an easily configurable platform. Sophisticated business process workflows allow submitted applications or request to go to the right person or department at the right time with integrated esignature and digital payment functionality.

Organized & Centralized Citizen Records

Within eGovt Solutions' unified citizen portal, citizens have full access to up-to-date license applications and requests. Within the portal, citizens can also view and track the status of in-progress requests as well as all historic records related to the citizen's activities.

Streamline Internal Operations

With built-in business process workflows, the platform can automatically schedule fee collection, further review, or can automatically approve or reject the request or license application. This ensures that operations run smoothly and government staff have access to accurate and timely information at all times.


The eGovt Solutions platform can additionally be integrated with 3rd party applications via API, to handle the sharing of information between our solution and your existing tools and platforms. Our solution can connect with your directory services, Document Management systems (DMS), Customer Relations Management systems (CRMs), and payment processing systems. eGovt Solutions is experienced in integrating with a broad array of enterprise applications, ensuring continued use of your existing IT investments.

Key Features

Capture Online Service Requests

eGovt's Municipal Solution provides a secure and convenient web-portal for your constituents to interface with the government.


Manage and Prioritize Workload

Assign tasks, due dates and priority on cases, manage cases, workload distribution, and effectively supervise work completion.


Simplify Complex Workflows

From amendment requests to multi-step reviews and inter-departmental escalation, the solution has built-in features to simplify any type of task and workflow.


Bottom-Up Reporting

 Access a roll-up summary from all levels of the government at your fingertips, eliminating governance silos across government levels and departments, and enabling collaboration.


System-Wide Analytics

Roll up the gathered data into a high-level summary to quickly identify issues and review system-wide performance for key-metrics in interactive dashboards with drill-down capabilities.


End-to-End Automation

The world doesn’t stop after the initial application approval. Schedule renewal applications, payment reminders, alerts, notifications, and stay connected with your constituents.


Key Benefits

Deliver the best customer service and experience to your citizens

eGovt Solutions provides all services online, including initial application, fee calculations and payments, renewals, e-signatures, and real-time status updates. The user-friendly web-portal eliminates the need for citizens to call or travel into offices and wait in queues to submit paperwork or check progress.


Provide a structured and safe environment for your government employees

Employees can now manage more applications in less time with improved workflow processes, thus removing cumbersome manual steps and improving their productivity and work satisfaction. The eGovt platform allows them to access the portal remotely, communicate across departments meaning that they can work from the office or home with the same productivity.


Eliminate all inefficiencies

eGovt Solutions automates routine and manual processes involved in reviewing and approving any type of incoming request, thus saving staff members’ time and reducing turnaround times. The platform prevents errors and delays associated with paper-based application processes by including requirements for successful form completion and field by field verification, ensuring no erroneous, inconsistent, or incomplete data is submitted.


Improve processes by leveraging analytics

eGovt Solutions comes integrated with a business intelligence tool that will allow you to quantify all aspects related to citizens' requests: amount/frequency of services used, processing times, completion times, amount of fees collected, changes year over year (or any other time period). eGovt Solutions allows you to capture all data important to your citizens and display it in a format that is easy to understand. Let them know how long approvals take, how services have changed year over year, changes in the numbers of sports facilities, child daycares, etc


Recover lost revenue and profits

Leverage the transparency from eGovt Solutions that will allow you to track and recover missing revenue from any late filing fees and lapsed renewals – items that often go unbilled due to time constraints or lack of available data.


Deploy data and services quickly in times of need

eGovt Solutions allows you to quickly deploy important information that may be more in demand in times of need: number and locations of hospitals with their defined services, food bank locations, relevant health care information, updates on public transportation, parks, etc.


Just as Elon Musk leveraged 20 years of aerospace expertise to develop the best car in the world, we at eGovt Solutions leverage 20 years of data migration and business intelligence experience to create the best government digital transformation platform in the world.