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Simplified and convenient registration and licensing processes mean more business and prosperity for your jurisdiction!

In a global economy, people and companies have choices as where to set-up shop and do business. Now more than ever, government entities need to simplify their registration and licensing processes, and make it easier and more convenient for their would be licensee to do business in their jurisdiction.

Expertly designed for government bodies across a variety of jurisdictions, eGovt Solutions offers end-to-end business registration and licensing solutions that can be tailored for federal, provincial/state and municipal governments.

Our software solutions are architected to integrate easily with existing government software and infrastructure for a seamless transition and immediate end-to-end automation of all required registration and licensing functions. Our solution is dynamic, flexible and scalable, and can be easily configured to automate your current on-line forms and validation rules, providing in-depth reporting and analytics through a sophisticated analytics platform while adding the convenience of e-commerce, electronic signatures and automated certificate generation.

Increase Automation, Simplify Registration Processes while Reducing Manual Labour

eGovt Solutions uses a powerful and robust data collection and analytics platform to automate the core processes for business registrations and licensing across all government entities, paving the way for more efficient use of operational budgets and personnel resources. Through a fusion of simplified on-line forms, electronic signature, payment collection and certificate generation modules, eGovt Solutions massively reduces all the manual work typically associated with registration and licensing processes.  

No more stressing over registration or renewal deadlines, struggling through rush-hour traffic only to line-up for hours to fill out an application form and to pay the associated fees.  From the comfort of their own office or home company representatives can login to your Web Portal and complete an online application/renewal, electronically sign the document and pay the associated fee online. For those applications or registrations that get automatically approved the system will automatically generate the required certificate which the applicant can download as proof of registration.

License applications that do require further analysis and approval can be processed and managed through a set of customizable workflows. A more junior analyst can review the initial license application for completeness, which would then be passed to a more senior analyst for a more in-depth analysis and assessment, any issues arising from the initial review can be sent back to the applicant for clarification and/or amendment. Once the license application has received preliminary approval, board papers are automatically generated paving the way for final board review and approval.

Once the license application has received final approval the license certificate is auto-generated, electronically signed and emailed back to the applicant as proof of license or certification in that jurisdiction.

The eGovt suite can easily automate the following registration and licensing applications and requests:

Application & Renewal of Business Permits & Licenses

  • Taxi Owner & Driver
  • Farmers Market Vendor
  • Auctioneer Licence
  • Circus License
  • Door to Door Sales
  • Firearms Repair Facility
  • Hawker Peddler Annual Licence
  • Outdoor Patio
  • Pawnbroker Licence
  • Pet Shop Licence
  • Place of Amusement Licence
  • Refreshment Vehicle
  • Restaurant Licence
  • Special Events Licence
  • Tattoo and Body Piercing Parlours Licence
  • Tobacco Sales Licence

Taxes & Property

  • Tax self-service
  • Purchase tax certificate
  • Purchase compliance report
  • Property information
  • Pre-Authorized Payment Plan Application
  • Pre-Authorized Payment Cancellation Request
  • Pre-Authorized Payment Modification
  • Taxation Change of Personal Information
  • Application for Seniors Property Tax Credit 2018
  • Application for Property Tax Credit 2018
  • Property Tax Rebate – Charitable Organizations

Infrastructure & Planning

  • Address number not displayed
  • Driveway too wide
  • Home auto repair business
  • Neglected properties
  • Nuisance lighting
  • Report sidewalk/road damage
  • Ditch problems
  • Catch basin problems
  • Culvert or headwall problems
  • Downtown Building Improvement Area / Facade Improvement
  • Meter Review
  • Parking Ticket Review
  • Parking tickets
  • Traffic tickets & court fines

Parks & Environment

  • Tree pruning
  • Report dead / unhealthy tree
  • Damaged trees
  • Tree debris cleanup
  • New and replacement trees
  • Encroachments
  • Tree ownership inspection
  • Tree stump removal


  • Parking permits
  • Parking complaints
  • Pay tickets
  • Requesting a Change to Traffic By-Laws
  • Application for Reduced Fare
  • Mobility Bus Application
  • War Veterans Application Form

Recreation & Leisure

  • Register for programs
  • Book a tee-time
  • Rent ice time
  • Rent a facility
  • Santa Claus Parade

Community Services

  • Pet licences
  • Search, hold, renew Reserve computer time at Library
  • Limousine complaint
  • Taxi complaint
  • Tow truck complaint
  • Report excessive noise
  • Report graffiti
  • Report litter or dumping
  • Abandoned shopping carts
  • Report an illegal sign

Civic Services

  • Birthday certificate
  • Anniversary certificate
  • Civil marriage ceremony
  • Flag raisings
  • Clock tower lighting
  • Deputation (Request to Speak)
Effortless Integration

All of our registration and licensing solutions are created to easily integrate with existing core CRM and governance systems, leveraging existing data and technology for a seamless integration. Our experienced team of engineers works within your business scale to ensure that our software implementation is smooth and functionally sound.

If your organization could benefit from eGovt Solutions' advanced registration and licensing solutions, we’d love to hear from you!

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