eGovt Solutions Launches World’s Most Comprehensive COVID-19 Response Solution for State and Federal Governments

Just like GM has stepped up to help our Governments with missing masks and ventilators, eGovt Solutions has stepped up to help Governments and Health Authorities with the release of the world's most comprehensive COVID-19 SaaS Solution. In a matter of weeks, our world has been turned upside down and the demands on our State and Federal services have never been greater.

eGovt Solutions' COVID-19 SaaS Solution offers complete end-to-end COVID-19 Case Tracking and Contact-Tracing functionality effectively and remotely, 7x24.

From initial test to positive diagnosis, to patient and Public Health notifications, to contact tracing questionnaire submission, to auto-notifying suspected individuals and places, to tracking their self-assessment results; the system will continuously monitor each positive case throughout the case’s lifecycle from quarantine, to Hospital, to ICU to re-testing to final resolution. All the while tracking and sharing key metrics and associated analytics with Officials, Public Health Units, and the public in Real-Time, allowing public health authorities to quickly respond and take control of the COVID-19 pandemic in days, not weeks or months. This includes:

  1. COVID-19 Case Tracking: Manage cases end-to-end throughout their lifecycle from self-test questionnaires, scheduling tests, contact tracing, connecting related cases, patient status updates, and schedule follow-up tests.
  2. Contact Tracing & Business Safety Inspections: Trace contacts and visited locations of infected patients, notify individuals of their exposure to COVID-19. Assess health and safety measures at business locations and inspect non-compliant locations.
  3. PPE Tracking & Services Procurement: Call for suppliers for various PPE products & services based on current demands and forecasted availability. Display aggregated total of units required and effectively prepare for PPE needs.
  4. Essential Services Tracking: Track availability of essential services such as food banks, daycares, and homeless shelters by location. Inform the public and support vulnerable demographics in times of need
  5. Openings & Closures: Display geographic representations of openings and closures of public buildings and spaces, such as government buildings, public parks, libraries, recreational centers, and more.
  6.  Public Reporting: Inform your citizens with COVID-19 breakout heatmaps: number of active cases, probable cases, and the hours of operations for various government buildings, parks, and essential services.

Best of all this highly configurable solution will easily evolve with your Health Authorities’ evolving needs and guidance – change business process workflows, questionnaires, and guidance in minutes not days!

Progressive Governments & Public Health Authorities can move quickly with eGovt's COVID-19 SaaS Solution, integrating all their health units and medical facilities while mobilizing all their citizens, in under 10 days.

We're here to help provincial and state governments take control and get ahead of the COVID-19 pandemic. No more contact tracing delays or test centres forgetting to report test cases as evidenced by the latest CBC Report where Ontario lost track of 700 COVID-19 positive cases and missed the window for their contact tracing.

Take proactive steps in keeping our states/provinces safe and your citizens/key partners fully informed in these very trying times – Contact us today at