eGovt Solutions donates software to help Governments provide critical unemployment services during COVID-19 crisis

According to USA Today, Americans are struggling just to start the process of applying for unemployment, as overwhelmed state computer and phone systems have been under siege by an unprecedented 10 million Americans – and counting – seeking assistance all at once after losing their jobs during the coronavirus pandemic.

In Michigan, where unemployment claims have more than quadrupled since the start of the pandemic, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer – who has gained a national spotlight during the coronavirus crisis – said her stay-at-home order for Michigan has "weighed heavily" on her and acknowledged the system is overwhelmed.

"My encouragement for folks is, keep attempting to get that application in," Whitmer said. "But, know that we understand the incredible strain on the system, the incredible number of people that have been impacted and we are going to work to make sure people get the unemployment that they need to get through this crisis."

In this historic time of need, we ALL have to pull together and help those that need it mostAs such, eGovt Solutions is here to help Michigan State and all other state governments facing similar challenges. We are offering our Online Application SaaS solutionat no charge, to State Governments to help resolve their unemployment claim submission and processing bottlenecks. Our robust application processing SaaS technology is meant for times like these, when, more than ever, government systems need to process an unprecedented number of claims and continue to provide essential services to their citizens - while social distancing.

From the comfort and safety of their homes and 24/7, citizens can apply for unemployment claims and other Government services in minutes using a reliable and easy-to-access web portal. eGovt's Online Application SaaS platform can be quickly tailored for each state, replicating their current application forms and exact business process workflows, allowing state administrative staff to also process these applications remotely from the safety of their own homes.

eGovt Solutions is happy to donate our software and professional services to State Governments for the duration of the COVID-19 crisis. By helping state governments update and transform how they collect and manage claims, citizens will once again be able to access funds easily and quickly in their time of deepest need.

Unprecedented times call for New and Unprecedented measures - Progressive and dynamic State Governments can move quickly with eGovt Solutions' Online Application SaaS solution, and be up and running on their new platform in under 7 days.

Take proactive steps in easing your constituents' burden in these very trying times, by processing their applications quickly, safely, and remotely with eGovt Solutions.