The UN ranks Denmark the highest score for E-Government

Denmark leads in the United Nations’ E-Government survey 2020, according to the embassy of Denmark in Myanmar’s announcement on 14 August 2020.

The E-Government survey by the United Nations’ Department and Economy and Social Affairs ranked 193 countries in terms of digital government readiness and implementation has given Denmark the highest score for the second time.

According to the survey, Denmark was ranked top for its “holistic approach to digital government” that puts people first and revolves around the needs of individuals, including those left furthest behind.

The survey finds that governments around the world have made a range of innovative digital initiatives in responding to the current health emergency, for example, dedicated COVID-19 information portals, e-services for the supply of medical goods, virtual medical appointments, self-diagnosis apps and e-permits for curfews.


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Zazithorn Ruengchinda, ScandAsia, Published August 17, 2020