How COVID-19 is changing the way governments approach technology

The global pandemic has affected our world in more than just health or economy. It is well understood that COVID-19 has forced industries around the world to look internally (if they want to exist) and find ways to provide their services safely, efficiently, and remotely. Additionally, the pandemic has shown us the importance of community and connection between users and stakeholders.

Through the last several months we’ve seen many news articles and reports on governments’ attempts and missteps to provide connection and digital services to their constituents. Firsthand examples of Michigan state failing to provide its citizens with automated services to apply for unemployment1. Overwhelmed government service offices that lacked the resources to be able to provide timely and fundamental public services to their citizens - these are just examples to demonstrate the unpreparedness of government in times of need.

On the other hand, we’ve also witnessed the effects of advanced preparedness and the ability to remain nimble and flexible. Estonia built one of the world’s most advanced digital societies long before the COVID-19 pandemic and during the lockdown, 99% of government services remained available online2. General Motors3 (GM) and Lamborghini4 pivoted and converted areas of production to produce masks and protective shields for hospitals and front-line workers.

It is clear that the investment in a digital transformation is critical in order to foster growth, efficiency, and avoid disruption to vital services.

At eGovt Solutions, we simplify and streamline government processes and provide advanced analytics tools to strategically plan and respond to changes. Our solutions are built on a powerful data collection and workflow automation software that has the flexibility to adapt to the world we live in, with minimal code changes. It is designed to empower governments and match their vision, leap over challenges, and provide efficient and reliable public services to every constituent.

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